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King of
The Three Worlds

Master leads us beyond the law of cause and effect and promises us freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

問: 第三界是了脫因果的世界,修到那個世界就等於完全沒有因果了嗎?

Q :The third level is the world beyond cause and effect. Does that mean that one is completely beyond karma once one attains that level?

答: 完全沒有過去未來的因果了,但是還有定業,像我們修觀音法門的同修有的人修到第三界,他們因為定業的關係雖然還在這個世界,但是他們打坐或睡覺就到第三界去,像這個世界有的人有兩個國家的國籍一樣。

M: One doesn't have the past or future karma anymore, but will still have the fixed karma. Some of our Quan Yin Method practitioners have already attained the third level, and they are still in this world because of their fixed karma. But when they meditate or sleep, they are in the third level; this is just like having dual citizenship in this world.

∼ 清海無上師講於韓國永同道場 1998年5月中旬

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Youngdong Center, Korea Mid-May 1998

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No.93
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