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The Perfect

A perfect person knows his good points and shortcomings. He subdues the shortcomings, puts them aside or controls them properly, to be used only when necessary. The good points he will continue to develop, to benefit others and himself. Such is a perfect person.

"Life in this world is only a shadow cast by the true world. Therefore, only when we meditate, do we feel happy. We see that this world is without disasters; nothing can affect us, feeling that our body has disappeared. It is because we have already entered the Creator's true world which is perfect, flawless, free of pain and suffering. "

"Spiritual practice is not folding your legs to meditate. Spiritual practice begins the moment you have the thought of wanting to contemplate on the ephemerality of life, and to purify yourself into a perfect being."

"We have to come to this world to learn to be perfect, so we need to possess every quality there is and learn how to use them in the middle way."

"Enlightenment will make our personality more perfect."

"We should be true, beautiful and virtuous in spirit, speech and in actions; that is a perfect human being."

"We must always do the right thing, then God will see what we do. But we must do it in a selfless manner and naturally, not just with motive, then it's perfect."

"You work as if you are the only one who knows that you are working, not even God knows. That is perfect work."

"We should strive for perfection in whatever we do, so that we don't give others any reason to complain or worry."

"If you do anything that is not yet perfect or not yet beautiful, you know that your love has not yet developed completely. You have not completely used the power of love which is inside you. That's the way to reflect, to know whether we've progressed or not."

"When we do something with concentration and spontaneity, then the result come out perfect because it comes out from God, from our real wisdom, from our real nature. Once we have some expectation or some pride in it, or some calculation in it, things go wrong."

"When you talk to people, try not to think that you are doing it. Pray to the Master Power inside, and then you'll be very surprised that you talk with wisdom, beauty and virtues that you never knew before. That is the way to be a master."

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

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