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The Paramhansa

You are the season’s bird
The flying wings of your will
has already surpassed the turning of the planet

When sun falls on the equator
Your feet are already standing on top of the snow

Autumn wind has sent you to the warm river

You are the beautiful fairy on the tranquil emerald water

Your noble love and faithful thoughts
Will build a glorious bridge of love in the brilliant galaxy

Your are the eternal beauty
You are the transformation of peace in the universe

"The best glory that you'll find is in meditation, in bettering yourself, in making yourself become a very beautiful citizen of this world." (Originally in English)

"We should be as magnanimous as the creator. Since Hes can accommodate them all(all creation), why can't we tolerate the thoughts of our relatives, friends and people we know? We should be able to do the same to attain the Anuttara-Shamyak-Sambodhi, the highest dimension, the highest level. (Originally In Chinese)"

"When we are sincere, our ego will be minimized, and the wall of ignorance will crack open. Then, we can see many different levels." (Originally In Chinese)

"Look at the way you behave towards others and then you know where you are. Look at how much you complain every day then you know where you stand. Look how much effort you put into your meditation and then you would know whether you progress or not." (Originally In English)

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

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