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Wondering in stars, lost in time and space
What a miracle the soul finally met God !
Infinite light shining through the darkness,
bathing in the utimate glory of love,
How lucky we are !

"We must always be open and accepting, then we will find our life is terrific, is completely in harmony and beautiful, and is a blessing everyday, twenty-four hours." (Originally In English)

"If we know where to use our Universal Power, then we will become masters of ourselves, masters of our destinies, and we can lead many others to become masters of their own destinies as well. "(Originally In English)

"Destiny is in your hands. You can become whatever you want with determination." (Originally In English)

"Meditating doesn't mean that you sit there long. You have to let your whole being enter into the method, into the meditation every day, more and more. The more, the better for you, and you'll find everything is okay"(Originally In English)

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

Eternal Spring
Ever Young
Liberation (Square)
Liberation (Rectangle)
Liberation (Oval)
Liberation (Pendants)
Unique One
The Miracle