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金 心
The Heart of Gold

The rosy ruby and pure diamonds portray the gracious, noble hearts of the enlightened ones, who are winged in flight, heart to heart, hand in hand. The versatile jewels can be worn on the head, around the neck or on the chest.

「我喜歡浪漫的氣氛。浪漫不只是男女之間相愛的氣氛,浪漫是一種很神聖、很高雅、很詩意的氣氛,當我們很有愛心、很平靜、友好、溫柔柔的時候,我們內心深處會產生這種氣氛,我們會覺得一切都很美好, 周遭的人也都很美好,我們步履輕緩、談吐優雅、思想高雅而有詩意,那就是我所謂的浪漫氣氛。我們對身邊的人和事也都會很滿意 」

"I like romantic atmosphere.
Romantic doesn't mean only the loving atmosphere between two people, like a man and woman. Romantic is something that is very sacred, very noble, very poetic in the air, which we ourselves generate from within our heart when we feel very loving, very peaceful, very kind, very gentle, and we feel so good about everything about everyone around us. And we walk slowly, we talk gently, we think very, very nobly and poetically. That is what I called romantic atmosphere."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Youngdong Center, Korea
May 6, 1998 (Originally in English)

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