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All Are Related

Aharbinger from the galaxy, this collection heralds a harmonious and synchronized move into a new era in the universe.



"Everything we do affects everyone in this world and the next. Every religion mentions to us that all things; all beings are one in essence. Just like our body has many parts. If our hands hurt, it affects our whole body also. Just because the universal body is so great, and we the many beings in this great body cannot understand, cannot see the whole universal body, so we may not believe that our actions concern any other beings. Should we develop the kind of Celestial Eye, the Wisdom Eye, we would see this for ourselves that we are indeed connected with all beings; and then we would be very careful about what we do."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Columbia University, N.Y., U.S.A., Nov. 3, 1989
(Originally In English)

Drops of the Ocean
Light Tower-G
Light Tower-P
Tzoang Tzu's Dream
The Wisdom of Solomon
Bird of Paradise
Saint Peter's Key
The Ultimate Glory of Love
The Crowned Heart
◆金 心
The Heart of Gold
All Are Related
The Inner Pearl
The Ancient Beauty