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燈 塔(黃金)

Light Tower

In the East, the sapphire is considered a "guiding stone" that protects one from evil. In the West, it is a "stone of wisdom" representing compassion, honesty, nobility and perfection. These guiding stones are styled as a sparkling fire that leads the lost ones out of the darkness toward their sweet, sweet Home.


"Sooner or later, we will have to be the torchbearers, I mean, in spiritual fieldas well as in worldly achievements. We will have to be the forerunners, the leaders of the world; not in political movement,not in revolutionary reaction, but in shining examples of sacrifice, of love. That's how we rescue the world. That's how we lead the world into new age, into new spirit of serving and loving each other."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa
Apr.10,1992 (Originally in English)
Title: Leading The World To A New Era


"If we know the root of all the problems by shining the torch of enlightenment on all corners of life, we tackle problems better, not in a positive way. Not in a positive way, but in a right way- be it positive or negative. If we are only positive, we neglect another part of life which is very important. So, an enlightened person knows how to handle positive and negative; not to reject anything, but to make all things fully useful for life and the life after. "

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Montreal Univ.,Canada
Apr.17,1993 (Originally in English)


"There's one light on the road side outside. Yet, many people can use it. Thousands of people walking by can use it. If more people use it, it's more useful. Right? It's only a single light, but thousands of people can see the road. This means that the light is very useful. So although many people in this world don't practice spirituality, it's fine as long as we do. If no one did, it would become worse. When the countryside doesn't have any lights it becomes completely dark at night. If there're one or two lights, it's better than none at all. It's very dark on the highway. If there're several lights, we can see much farther away. OK. Please try to practice more and benefit yourselves and others. This is what I like the most."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Japan
Mar.12,1992 (Originally in Chinese)

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