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The Wisdom of Solomon

For generations, this hexagonal star - the totem sign of King Solomon - has served as a symbol of mystical power, igniting the supreme wisdom within us. In the East, the sapphire is considered a "guiding stone" that protects one from evil. In the West, it is a "stone of wisdom" representing compassion, honesty, nobility and perfection. The combination of sapphire and diamonds signifies the supreme wisdom a spiritual practitioner discovers after the door to heaven is opened.


"Our wisdom is the source of all learning, of all intelligence in the world. The Lord is the source of all love -- be it mundane, fatherly, or between man and woman. Therefore, when we seek this wisdom, we will have all intelligence; when we seek this love, all desires are quenched and we will never seek for anything more. All beauties and virtues will come to us and stay. All love will be filled within our being and will stay without any effort because we are love, we are wisdom, we are beauty."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai
1993 World Tour" Series V, page 39

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