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The holy key to the gates of Heaven that unlocks our wisdom, it is the secret code for smooth passage though the series of roadblocks on our path to eternal liberation.

Saint Peter's Key


"St. Peter has the key and he gave it to me to open the door wider for the people who are ready to come Home. There are many people who are not ready yet to leave the kingdom of Earth. For them, the Earth and the things here are what they need. They cannot imagine that there is anything else, something better. It's like fruit when it is ripe, then it falls to the ground. It is very easy. That's why we do not get in a hurry to pull these people to us. They come on their own, when it's time, when they are ripe!"

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai with journalists
at Munich, Germany, April 30, 1993 (Originally in German)
Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai
1993 World Tour" Series V, page 165


"Some of us try to free ourselves, like the prisoner, through different ways, but rarely do we succeed because jails are also surrounded by excellent security systems. If someone comes with the key, and opens the door for them, and guides them toward the exit, then they are certain to be liberated. A Master is someone who has this key. He knows the road to freedom, and if we trust him, we will find this freedom."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Brussels, Belgium
April 29, 1993 (Originally in French)
Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai
1993 World Tour" Series V, page 123

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