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The Ultimate Glory
of Love

The Son of the Heavenly Father washes away our sins with His precious blood as he shoulders our heavy karmic load accumulated over millions of years so that we can be liberated in one lifetime.


"We have to show a shining example of sacrifice and true love. So regardless of all your small obstacles in your meditation practice or in your daily dealing with the world, regardless of your mood, of your frustration, of your personal emotion, and anger, fear, sorrow, we have to move on with the greater ideal, with the better, more nobler goal. We have to keep this noble goal in mind, and forget about the small thorns and the small pebbles and stones along the road. We have to wear big shoes, big boots, and walk on all the thorns. This big boots of protection is our determination to be noble, to serve in face of difficulties and frustration, in face of test of courage and faith. We must be greater than we imagine we could be. We must be better than what we expect our neighbor to be. We must sacrifice more than we can demand from our neighbors, or our close people, our associates. Only in this way we can show others how to be noble, how to sacrifice, how to love. We have to sacrifice in such a natural way, in such a repeated circle, until we do it without knowing that we sacrifice, until we sacrifice without thinking that we sacrifice, until the word sacrifice doesn't mean anything to us at all because we do things in such a natural, automatic way."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa
Apr.10,1992 (Originally in English)
Title: Leading The World To A New Era

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