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The Designer's Words:
"If we only do good deeds in our live,
our heart will be crowned."

The Crowned Heart
(不銷售 None Sale)

This crown of the universal queen, embedded with an eternal loving heart, brilliantly sparkles with love reminding people of their glorious heavenly Home. The pearls and diamonds radiate the glory of the sun and moon, signifying our light from deep within.

印度國王的故事 The story of a king in India



"When he gave everything in his possession to the people, they could come and take whatever they wanted. Everyone came and took this. They wondered about the lamps, and took some jewelry. Some people tried their clothes on and some people took the cutlery or silver or golden vessels, anything like that. Everyone was so happy to take something of their own taste, and they thought their possessions were very beautiful and precious treasures from the king. But they only had one or two things of his whole possessions, but not all. One girl, she came straight to the king, and she said, "I want you." And everything belonged to her - the whole kingdom and the king himself.

The same thing happens to us when we only want God and nothing else; everything else will belong to us, definitely, hundred percent. I'm living proof."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Munich, Germany
Auguest 18, 1995 (Originally In English)

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