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The Sun of Life

The spark of life is as brilliant as trillions of suns.

"We have many bodies of different levels. For example, the physical body is thick and coarse, visible and palpable. Another kind of body is sometimes visible to our physical eyes but is impalpable. There is yet another kind of body that we can neither see nor touch but which we can feel. We can see it if we attain a higher level. Then, there is a kind of body which is quite unlike the body. It is a brilliant light, a power, and a great love. That is our true nature, our True Self."

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hong Kong, February 19, 1992
Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No. 93
"The Misteries of The Universe"
(Originally In Chinese)


The Sun of Life
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