S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series XI
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The Noble

Featuring superlative materials of 18K gold, coral, and green jade, this exquisite design comprises a collection of a necklace, two selections of earrings, male and female rings, a tiepin and a tie clip.

A lushly squared green jade is inlaid at the top, below are three sections of tiny jades adorned by corals in between. As a flying being in appearance, elevating upwards, full of vitality and elegance. For those who treasure spiritual life above everything else and are constantly focused on the supreme wisdom. Elevating the spiritual level of people around them and liberating beings from worldly bondage. To leave no trace of greed, anger or ignorance in people’s minds; to fill them with blissful joy, and let them dissolve in the resplendent radiance. To manifest our real Self, which is forever virtuous, benign, peaceful, and blissful.

Like the paragon of “The Noble”, may everyone embrace positive thoughts and ideals at all times. To achieve self-elevation and subsequently expedite the purification of the world!

"Human beings are noble beings because we can practice spiritually, we can find our Buddha Nature, and we can become Buddha. When we have found God within and seen the inner heaven, then we can say human beings are the noblest." (Originally In Chinese)

"The best glory that you'll find is in meditation, in bettering yourself, in making yourself become a very beautiful citizen of this world." (Originally in English)

"Whatever undesirable habits, you try to cut down; and whatever you think it's good for you -- more ideal, more noble -- then you try to fulfill in your capacity, in your time, in your own sincerity and endeavor." (Originally In English)

"We should never fear when we do something good, noble, righteous and spiritual. "(Originally In English)

"But still, despite all this obstruction and ungratefulness of mankind, we continue to do good. We still continue to improve ourselves to do what is right, because it is right, because it is the challenge of this world that we always keep the way of God, we always keep the commandments of conscience. That's how we rise above all differences, all the praise and the blame to be a noble being." (Originally In English)

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

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