S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series XIII
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Liberation III (Oval)

Searching between Heaven and Earth
only for the lasting mystery,
Back and forth in the red dust
trying so hard to break the chain,
Passing through all the tries and tempation,
the soul finally wake up from his long sleep,
embracing God's love, bathing in brilliant light,
and get liberation.

"Try our best to pray for this world, for ourselves, to protect ourselves, our morality, purity and the eternal power within ourselves. This is the only way that can save ourselves.." (From News No.48)

"We are stepping into the Golden Age, so we have to change. We have to leave behind all these old, useless conceptions of how a saint should be; or we should leave behind the dark thinking, the negative expectations of the world and ourselves. Do something! We should start with ourselves; we should clean our house. If there's anything we don't like about ourselves, we should change it! Replace it with more positive, more virtuous qualities. " (Portland, Oregon U.S.A. December 4, 1993, Originally In English)

"Liberation means you're liberated from all that, from all that which is bothering you, from all that which is no good, from all that which is not noble, from all that which is not beautiful, which is binding you, suffocating you, and making you feel guilty, making you feel that you're not God-like, make you feel like you're burning, you're passionate, have wanting and lust."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Group Meditation, Pune, India, November 23, 1997
(Originally In English)

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