S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series XVI
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The Middle Way

Right ↔ Wrong
Yin ↔ Yang
Black ↔ White

... on the Middle Way

The pendulum's swing returns to calm,
The scale's arm settles Into its balance,
Wisdom emanates by its own perfection,

A stable radiance shines henceforth.
From Original Nature come the celestial harmonies,
Inner and outer journeys finally become steady.

The Middle Way....

"Since we don’t want to have anything to do with either the negative or the positive side, we have to transcend both and become friends with both. In this way they won’t bother us anymore. We have to go beyond the struggle between good and bad, and positive and negative. Right now we’re still steeped in the war between the positive and the negative, but we need to become neutral, just as Switzerland is a neutral country.We have to arm ourselves with the power of God.

As long as we’re living in this world, we should remain positive, do good deeds, and avoid the negative as much as possible. We need not fight against it, but should avoid getting involved with it.

As spiritual practitioners we should behave like good worldly citizens: Performing good actions, being righteous, and avoiding involvement in other people’s affairs.

Imbalances of Yin and Yang cause numerous disasters and misfortunes and create obstacles in our spiritual practice. As long as we call upon the inner Master power to protect us, we can not only survive in this world but also continue to be elevated spiritually.

In the war of the positive and negative, we can return to God’s Kingdom smoothly and safely only by following the Middle Way"

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai
Sydney, Australia, May 10, 1997

The Middle Way