S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series IX
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The Ancient Beauty

The pure shines of diamonds inlaid conveys the dazzling, electric type light from universe in Golden Age. Lines of cosmic energy that extend into and fill space with an atmosphere of magnificence and the glory of the Golden Age. An Ancient Beauty that traverses time and space, bringing past and future together into eternity.

"You should represent heavenly glory and dignity. Like ancient queen and king, everyone is so elegant, so noble and so pretty. Once we ascend heaven, we will see that everything is so glorious and rich. The happiness there is eternal. We should begin from within, or maybe from without. As long as we have harmony inside, people can sense it. They can perceive it through their wisdom. Discover our whole wisdom and obey God’s will is the most perfect way to fulfill our duties. Accept the mission God renders to us in this world, meanwhile we also know the way to the kingdom of God."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No. 31


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