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Tzoang Tzu's Dream

Tzoang Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher, once dreamed of himself becoming a butterfly fluttering in the sky. But is it Tzoang Tzu dreaming to become a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming to become Tzoang Tzu? The story of Tzoang Tzu's dream of a butterfly awakens in us the concept that all things are one. The butterfly masterfully constructed with various gems mirrors our metamorphosis from lowly prisoner in the three worlds to resplendent and brilliant spirit beyond.

"We will see the interdependence of all beings, including animals and plants, after we become enlightened, after we know God intimately. In the end, we will see nothing but ourselves existing everywhere, in each and every being, in each and every particle of the universe. That is how we can come to love our neighbors as ourselves, because we know that this is us. Otherwise, no amount of talk and persuasion can bring us to this kind of voluntary state of love, to this automatic way of kindness."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Budapest, Hungary
May 24,1999 (Originally in English)


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