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The Humble

"Blessed are the ones who are humble at heart."

"Try to be soft, humble and surrender, and you will see God better."

"When things are going smoothly and easily, be particularly concentrated; don't take it for granted and lose your humility and penitence. Otherwise, you will become sluggish and slow down, and will not progress further."

"I do not need you to do any work for me. I need you to understand yourselves. Only then you can organize yourselves. Only then you can be more humble, to have a longing to learn and a longing to change yourselves to be good. After we become humble, and want to repair ourselves, we will naturally help others."

"Great people are very humble. When we are not humble, we are not great."

"The humble are very close to God and the saints. The pure-hearted are closer to the Truth. The more arrogant we are, the further we are from the Truth. Why are we so far away from the Truth? Because we rely on the world!."

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

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The Humble
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