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Ever Young

The great Mother Earth,
brimming with life and vigor,
abundant in energy,
sustains all
with Her great merit,
with boundless compassion,
fulfilled and unperturbed.

"The more we meditate, the more we communicate with our inner selves, the more we contemplate the light and the sound, the more lighthearted and energetic we will be to help others." (Originally In Chinese)

"When our actions, speech and thoughts are pure, our body will feel clean and comfortable, and we will be happy spiritually. We will not be affected by anything that others do. We just feel blissful. We will attain the perfection of patience." (Originally In Chinese)

"The true bliss is to find where our own happiness lies. When we are able to find out who we are, how great we are, what power we have, and that there are spiritual planes without birth or death, then we will be truly happy, and our relatives and friends will be happy too."

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

Eternal Spring
Ever Young
Liberation (Square)
Liberation (Rectangle)
Liberation (Oval)
Liberation (Pendants)
Unique One
The Miracle