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Unique One

God is the Light of the Heavens and Earth

The Universe, the Unique One
Is composed of many unique ones; us

Earth is a Unique being created by the Unique One.

All life in every species is a unique song of God, Unique One


"We want to step beyond human life to become a saintly being, beneficial to the whole universe, That is the meaning of being a righteous person. That's the only purpose." (Originally In English From News No.86)

"Cultivating ourselves is very, very important and it is truly the only way. If we want to cultivate the world, if we want to help the world, we must truly cultivate and improve ourselves. There is no other way. " (Originally In English)

我們唯一能做的,就是做個好榜樣,使其他的人追隨我們的腳步,利益他們自己,然後變成更大的家庭,把地球變成天堂,這是唯一的一件事,也是我們此生或其它輩子所能做的最好的事。 」

"We use both physical and spiritual strength to beautify our life, and to beautify wherever we go. Whether it's hell, whether it's Earth, whether it's heaven, we make all into heaven. That's our job. That's the way we have to be. I think that's the way of a saint.

The only thing we can do is to be good examples so that other human beings can follow our foot steps and have benefit for themselves. Then we become one bigger family, and bring heaven to Earth. That's the only thing, the best thing we could do in this life or any other life."

"Love our relatives but be independent, be alone all the time and only with God. God is our only true relative, friend and everything. We'll be with God, and we'll be forever satisfied. " (Originally In English From News No.79)

∼清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai


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