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Embracing the firmament,
the stars kindle our inspiration.
Limitless is our Wisdom,
radiant is our boundless compassion.

"When we practice the presence of God, when we are in touch with our true almighty power inside, we know that everything will be all right, know that everything will happen in time, that whatever will happen will happen, whatever blessings we'll get, we'll get. So we feel very relaxed, very protected, very calm, very blissful even; because during that time of struggle and tribulation, God's power is very strong, because God knows we need it at that more than usual time. So when we sincerely pray at that time, we get double, triple, multiple blessings. That's why by praying for the destitute, desperate or the unfortunate at that time with our sincerity, we also get the benefit of the blessing. That's why we feel blissful and calm, not sorrowful and worried. That's the secret!" (Hsihu Center, Formosa October 27, 1995, Originally In Chinese)

"With this inner meditation and contact, we will soon discover that everything is arranged, everything is okay under the sun. God takes care of every minor detail of every being's life. That's why we're happy. That's why we're satisfied. That's why all the sorrows and miseries in this world cannot affect us because we know the Truth, the one and only Truth, the solid Truth - that God takes care of everything." (Munich, Germany August 18, 1995, Originally In English)

∼ 清海無上師 Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai

Eternal Spring
Ever Young
Liberation (Square)
Liberation (Rectangle)
Liberation (Oval)
Liberation (Pendants)
Unique One
The Miracle